Man relieved to find out cancer on lungs is just a shirt button

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A man in Taipei was given bad news last week after X-rays revealed a spot on his lungs.

The man had a chest X-ray taken on an X-ray touring bus at a health station earlier this month. Doctors believed it was a lung nodule, an early warning sign of Cancer.

After Wu was informed that he had a pulmonary nodule, he took a long leave of absence from work to embark on a trip abroad to clear his head and started drawing up a will detailing how his assets were to be allocated to his three children after his passing, he said.

Wu decided to get a second opinion. Was it really cancer? Nope. It was just a shirt button.

“It turned out that the round shadow was one of the buttons on the polo shirt I was wearing on the day I got the X-ray. The radiologist forgot to tell me to change into an hospital gown or put on a buttonless shirt,” Wu said.

Now, about those metal clasps on your penis Mr. Wu, I’m afraid…

[via Taipei Times]

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