Will this freak swing from Matt Joyce save the Rays’ lost season?

Even the most die-hard Tampa Bay Rays fans have given up on this season (yes, we exist, there are like 14 of us).

So what would it take for all of us to perk up and pat attention? A walk-off grand slam? Turning a triple play? David Price perfect game? NOPE.

Matt Joyce taking batting practice of course!


Let’s be honest though, that’s prettttttty damn insane. I probably swung at thousands of balls in the cage throughout my adolescent years, and even managed to connect with a handful of those. But never before have we seen a ball align so perfectly that it went back in to the pitching machine and was fired right back at the batter again.

Bravo Matt Joyce, your freak batting practice double pitch is the best thing to happen to the Rays in the month of June.

Source: Deadspin // Facebook Trending