Meet the single most brilliant slacker to ever exist

Meet Bob. Bob is a programmer. Thus, Bob is good at math, which extends to being halfway decent at exchange rates. He’s also good at gaming the system.

Hufeza Moti

Bob the Slacker saw all these corporations outsourcing all this work and decided that maybe it wasn’t right that the little guy didn’t get his shot doing this.

Thus Bob decided to get proactive and outsource his entire job himself.

Honestly, the scheme was and is fairly brilliant. Chinese workers are pretty cheap, relatively speaking, and Bob was paid well enough that he could easily afford their wages. He was a high level programmer, so all he did was set them up, check their code, and goof off on Facebook all day. He did this for several companies and by all accounts, was racking up several hundred thousand dollars a year.

Unfortunately for him, he worked for a company that’s critical to US infrastructure and tends to notice when they’re being linked to Chinese computers, and Bob was busted by Verizon’s security team.

We don’t recommend trying this, but you’ve got to admit, this guy’s got skills.

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