Meister’s compass pendant makes jewelry actually cool

It is very, very hard, as a guy, to wear something around your neck and not come off as a douche. Just ask anybody who rocked the shell necklace: They regret it.



But the Meister compass pendant isn’t just a fashion accessory: It might save your life.

OK, OK, at three grand, this probably isn’t the cheapest compass you can find. But it is undeniably a neat one.

Engineered out of gold and titanium, essentially this is a folding compass. If you find yourself lost, you just take out the pendant, open the top, and it folds out into a compass you can use to get your bearings. Then fold it up, put it away and keep going. It may not be the most precise way to find direction, but hey, it beats starving to death in the woods.

When not helping you find your way, it just looks like two coins glued together, hanging off your neck. It also comes with a natural rubber strap, so you’ll look… OK, so you’ll still look a bit like a douche. But at least you won’t be dead!

Men’s Collection [Meister]