Two men arrested for failing hard at stealing a tip jar

Tip Jar via Flickr


How many guys does it take to steal one tip jar?  One, maybe two, just as long as they’re smarter than these dudes.

Two men were arrested in Princeton, NJ for attempting to steal a tip jar from a popular restaurant not far from the university.

Joshua McLaughlin, 28, of West Windsor, was arrested Feb. 7 while he was in the Burlington County Jail on unrelated charges. He faces charges of robbery and terroristic threats from the Efe’s incident and is being held on $100,000 cash bail, police said. McLaughlin is accused of walking into the restaurant on Nassau Street on Jan. 26 and grabbing the employee tip jar, police said. When employees chased him into the street, McLaughlin said he had a gun, police said.

If he had a gun, wouldn’t he have pointed it at the people WHILE stealing the tip jar thereby eliminating the possibility of a chase and…nevermind. Why was the other guy arrested?

Jeffrey Johnston, 44 of Burlington Township, was arrested Feb. 10 on charges he provided McLaughlin with a “means of escape” after he fled.

And the cherry on the stupidity sundae? Johnston was released after paying 10% of a $2,500 bond. That’s $250. Way more than what was probably in the tip jar.

Do you see where I’m going with this thinking fellas?

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