Metta World Peace has Cookie Monster pajamas

Metta World Peace has Cookie Monster pajamas. How did we get by in life without that vital information.

After a brief conversation with the police, World Peace put on his Cookie Monster pajamas and accompanied them outside.


I don’t need to know anything else. I don’t need to know why Peace had trouble with the police. I don’t need to know why he considers Cookie Monster his favorite Sesame Street character.

No sir.

Peace’s entire life was just explained in that one sentence. Everything that’s happened to him—the Palace brawl, the name change, the summer job at Circuit City, it all makes sense now. I only wish we knew about this before. Maybe Detroiters would have thought twice before tossing cups at him, knowing what he really wanted was cookies.

Toss the man a cookie, no one gets hurt. Simple as that.

Yes, there’s a back story to this whole Metta World Peace Cookie Monster nonsense. It involves Zero Dark Thirty, terrorists and fake guns.

Unbeknownst to World Peace, the actors, one of whom World Peace says is his nephew, had decided to rehearse a scene outside of his Westside condo complex the previous evening with a fake shotgun and two fake 9-millimeter guns as props. After the actors finished the scene, they then decided to play with the guns in front of the valet at World Peace’s condo complex.

The men explained the situation to the police, who then knocked on World Peace’s door to verify their story.

“At first when I seen the police, I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?” World Peace said. “I just got finished watching ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ or whatever that movie is. I’m like, ‘I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Is there a terrorist in the building? Do y’all need my help?'”

See, that story sucks without the Cookie Monster part.