Michael Scott appears in ‘The Office’ series finale

YouTube | NBC

People have been speculating about Steve Carell making an appearance as Michael Scott in the season finale of The Office on May 16th. While his rep says no, the newest information points to yes, he will make a cameo.

On the heels of another carefully worded denial from exec producer Greg Daniels that The Office’s May 16 series finale will not feature a return appearance by Steve Carell, TVLine has learned exclusively that the Dunder Mifflin legend will, in fact, turn up in the swan song.

TVLine goes on to say absolutely nothing to back that up, but who am I to distrust their “sources.” It would seem fitting for a character who made everything about himself to return just in time to steal a little thunder from the rest of the group.

According to sources, Carell’s return engagement qualifies as more of a cameo than a full-fledged guest appearance.

We may just be arguing semantics here. The NBC reps say it won’t feature an appearance, as do Carrell’s people. TVLinesources claim otherwise, but say it’s a cameo. My guess is that he’s back in the form of a montage or flashbacks. Steve Carell probably didn’t shoot any new footage for the episode, but Michael will still have a presence. Everybody wins.

What do you think? 1) He’s back. 2) He’s not. 3) Who still watches The Office?

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