Michelle Beadle’s ‘The Crossover’ has been canceled

The NBCSN has canceled The Crossover with Michelle Beadle according to multiple sources. The show was never properly promoted and suffered from a revolving door of co-hosts.

Twitter/Michelle Beadle

It’s a shame, really. Beadle is wildly talented and has a charisma few others have on TV. Her presence on social media should have been enough to keep the show going for quite some time. But NBCSN simply never pushed it, never gave it the attention it deserved. Even worse, it was preempted by outdoor sports on several occasions (wakeboarding, surfing, etc). Not exactly the kind of sports that attract a wide audience.

Michelle Beadle will be fine. She’ll move on to something else on NBCSN, hockey most likely. But I don’t think that’s where she belongs.

The Today show has struggled in the #2 spot for quite some time. Matt Lauer is past his prime, Savannah Guthrie is no Meredith Viera, Carson Daly is a has-been. They could use some fresh blood with a different perspective, someone who’s popular with millenials.

That person is Michelle Beadle. Perhaps the peacock will wise up and makes the move before it’s too late.