Miguel Cabrera goes 4-4 with 3 home runs; is really good at baseball

Sunday night was big for guys named Miguel. One nearly decapitated a woman on live TV and the other had one of the best offensive games in MLB history. The latter of course is Miguel Cabrera who went 4-4 with 3 home runs, 5 RBI and 4 runs—only the 23rd time in MLB history that had been done. With two on and two out in the 6th, the Rangers chose to intentionally walk Cabrera. At the time the Rangers led 6-5. Batting behind Miguel was Prince Fielder, who, by the way, is no chump. He cleared the bases with a double.

Unfortunately, the Tigers wasted Miguel’s effort and lost 11-8. Ron Washington summed up the opinion of opposing manager’s everywhere. “He’s just a tremendous hitter. I’m very happy that he’s headed to the airport.”

Here’s a look at all three of his home runs.

[mlbvideo id=”27280135″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]