Someone Translated NSFW Every Day Military Commands Into SFW Business Terms And LOLOLOL These Are Perfect

You don’t have to pussyfoot around the point in the military. There’s always an extremely high level of professionalism in the military but when delivering orders you don’t need to speak like you’re an HR manager talking to a first-year intern, you can tell it like it is.

To drive this point home Imgur user texOIFvet put together a collection of images (later submitted to reddit) in which he’s translated the very NSFW everyday/mundane/quotidian commands from the military into phrases which are suitable for the office place. If you’re offended easily then these might not be for you, so just peace the hell out of here right now before it’s too late:

To see the original gallery over on Imgur just CLICK HERE, and be sure to share this with any military bros you know who might be having the slightest of difficulties adjusting to the corporate workplace!

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