Minor league vendor gets called up to the majors

After serving countless beers, hot dogs and Cracker Jack to Daytona Cubs fans for 13 years, Vince Rainey finally got the call every vendor dreams of–the call to the majors. Rainey received a personal message from Mark Lerner, the owner of the Washington Nationals asking him to move up to where the big boys play.

Daytona Beach News Journal

“I think Vince Rainey would be a great addition to Nationals Park,” Lerner said. “He’s extremely hard-working, has a great booming voice and has an infectious sense of humor, which I know our fans would love.”

The 25-year-old is quite popular with the fans, begging, in fact pleading with them to buy snacks from him with clever one-liners.

“Ice-cold beer. Beer that is cold and in ice.”

“Hey kids, if your parent is drinking a beer, ask them if you can have a cotton candy.”

“high-fiber, low-calorie”

Rainey plans on moving to the D.C. area in November but there’s a twist to this story. Rainey, who has a degree in communications will train in the team’s marketing department. This is like a Hallmark special, a true rags-to-riches story.

Good for you Mr. Rainey. You’ve restored my faith in vendors whose sole purpose is to get people wasted before driving home.

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