MLB At Bat ’13 ensures you never miss a game

Most sports apps, even the official ones, are pretty much a ripoff. Either they lack details, are missing crucial features, or cost way too much.


Somebody at Major League Baseball finds this just as annoying as we do, because the MLB’s official app, newly updated, is pretty much everything you ever wanted out of a sports app.

First of all, the “basic” app is free. We put “basic” in quotes because it’s full of goodies like overall stats on players, video archives, team history, and other fun stuff. On its own, it’d be a solid app.

But, if you have a subscription to, downloading the app and logging in means you get access to live radio streams of every single game of the season. Or if you don’t want an subscription, you can still get the audio by paying a flat $20 fee on Android or three bucks a month on iOS.

Obviously Android is the better deal, here, but either way, it’s a rock solid app for sports fans that actually gives you what you want for a reasonable price.

MLB At Bat ’13 [Google Play]