Watch Molly Schuyler destroy a 5 pound plate of chili dogs


We’ve all hammered out a few too many chili dogs on one occasion or another, but nothing compares to seeing MILWE Molly Schuyler destroy 5 lbs of chili dogs in two minutes. Don’t sweat the technique.

First off, no, MILWE isn’t a professional distinction, though Molly Schuyler is a member of the All Pro Eating league. It stands for Mother I Like to Watch Eat. That’s right, this is a mother of four making your appetite and ability look like four year-old. She already holds the world record 72oz a steak when her 2 minute-44-second feat embarrassed Furious Pete’s world record of 6:48. Schuyler has also proven she can handle spicy food when she at the world’s spiciest burrito in 3:25. Most recently, she downed 24 corn dogs at the California State Fair, which was 40% more than 2nd place.

The key here was her technique. When Joe Sixpack eats dogs, he holds it over the plate so the chili that falls off lands on another dog. Then, after his two-to-three dogs, might, MIGHT, use a fork to get a few more bites of chili. Molly Schuyler starts with the same general idea, but once the buns and meat sticks are gone, it’s human shovel hands. I’ve never seen a person eat chili with their hands before, but it’s a beautiful thing. That might be the only way I do it henceforth.

Best ( but messy) tasting chili dog concoction ever!! 2 min 3 seconds.. Was super hot n burned my hand a little but will go back for a better time ☺ thank you Steve Hendry for taking the video!! You rock!

Steve Hendry doesn’t rock for taking a vertical video, but we appreciate the effort anyway.