9 movie prequels that should never happen — but probably will



The trailer for new TV series Gotham got us thinking about prequels.

Some movies have characters and situations that you’d love to know more about. Some shows, like Hannibal or Bates Motel, prove that finding out how characters got to be the way that they were is a really interesting journey.

These are movies on the other side of the spectrum, where there’s no more story to tell. Here are 9 prequels that should never exist — but probably will.

Taking care of a family sure is hard, even when there’s no zombies. And there are no zombies. Just Brad Pitt making breakfast.

Farming is hard, but not exciting, work. Find out why Luke Skywalker was so desperate to leave Tatooine.

Before he had 500 million friends, Mark Zuckerberg had zero. Before he became one of the youngest billionaires, he was just a high school loser.

Nobody gets it right on the first try. Doc Brown didn’t even get it right the last time.

Andy Dufrense had a boring job at a bank and an OK relationship with his wife. He’s emotionally closed off, and nothing interesting can possibly happen, in this unnecessary prequel.

You wouldn’t like Bruce Banner when he gets angry, even before he got big and green. Physics can be some pretty frustrating work, especially when the doctor is a know it all. See Dr. Banner before the gamma bath in…

Sometimes, a hike is just a hike. This is one of those hikes.

You don’t need a robot body to be a good cop. You do need it to be an interesting cop though.

Before the massive iceberg, the builders of the Titanic were pretty cocky. They thought they were constructing an unsinkable vessel. Nope. Watch the construction of the unsinkable ship…that eventually sinks.

Written by Mike Hollan and Chris Illuminati.

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