Musicplayr: Make playlists on your phone from video sites

Not all of us feel like buying music from our phones, or have room to download it when we do buy it, space limits being what they are. Nor do we really have time to cobble together new playlists on the fly, especially if there’s that one song you don’t want to buy but do want to listen to.


Which is where Musicplayr comes in.

Fans of the website are already rushing to the download link, but for those unfamiliar, an explanation is in order.

Musicplayr is a website where you select profiles of people with similar taste in music, while adding your own links. YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, WordPress links, whatever; as long as it’s got audio, you can insert the link into a playlist.

Then, you can just play them back at your convenience, or listen to a mix of music links chosen by others. It’s a lot like a YouTube playlist for work, except platform agnostic and easier to use. You’ll also discover a lot of new music ranging from indie to major label.

The iOS app is pretty much the same as the website, although the interface is slightly cleaner. So if you’re kicking off the new year by getting new music, this is a good place to start.

Musicplayr [iTunes]