Celebrate National Orgasm Day with a few stats about what freaks we really are

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national orgasm day stats

To celebrate National Orgasm Day, which is today, Durex has released new findings from a survey that explores where people fantasize about having orgasms and where they actually have them.

The results suggest that Americans are far kinkier in their minds than in reality, but not entirely as tame as you might think. According to the survey data, 39 percent of those surveyed said they fantasize about having an orgasm on the beach, while 30 percent fantasize about it happening in the movie theater. The data also revealed insights into more risqué behavior, with 28 percent of those surveyed dreaming of an orgasm in the elevator, but only a mere 4 percent having been brave enough to do it.

Some other key stats from the Durex survey include:
— 32 percent fantasize about having an orgasm on a plane, but only 5 percent admit to being a part of the Mile High Club.
— Only 23 percent fantasized about having an orgasm in a car, but 36 percent found themselves in that situation anyway.
— 20 percent fantasized about having an orgasm on a roof or balcony, with only 5 percent actually achieving that feat.
— 16 percent fantasize about having an orgasm in the back of a cab.
— 10 percent wished they could have an orgasm on the subway, but only 2 percent have ever “reached their destination.”
— 7 percent daydream about having an orgasm in a church. Hallelujah!
— 3 percent have had an orgasm in a cemetery and 8 percent have fantasized about doing so.

We sure are a kinky bunch, aren’t we?

Here’s an infographic that sheds even more light on where we like to get freaky-deaky…

national orgasm day

Infographic courtesy Durex
Orgasm image by Shutterstock