Nestle apologies for putting a penis in a candy bar

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You got penis in my chocolate! You got chocolate in my penis!

Alright, it wasn’t an actual penis, but a London man complained about a penis shape on his Milkybar and the company actually apologized.

Robin Jacobs, 31, said he was eating a Milkybar during Sunday’s World Cup final and was stunned to see what he called an “inappropriate” image. “What on earth is a penis doing on a kids’ chocolate bar?” he asked, per Metro. “There’s no point denying what it looks like. It is obvious –- we can all see it.”

Nestle issued an apology and had a perfectly logical explanation.

Nestlé is surprised and sorry to hear that Mr. Jacobs thought the picture on the Milkybar resembles male genitalia, it is in fact an image of a horse’s head, the Milkybar Kid’s horse. There was no intention to mislead or depict anything offensive on our product and we apologise for any confusion or embarrassment this may have caused.

So, to recap, it was a mistake and the people at Nestle think horses have dicks for heads.

Jacobs said he ate the candy anyway because he’s a guy and it’s not a real penis. If you dipped a real penis in chocolate, some guys would STILL consider eating it.

This wasn’t the first time a customer got a dick in his Milkybar. The photo above happened back in 2012.

And yes, the name Milkybar is not helping all of this in the slightest.

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