This Is Why You NEVER Wear A Halloween Costume To Work

Today, all across the world workers are encouraged to dress up in costume for the sake of Halloween, and ‘mixing it up’ from the usual monotony that is their boring lives.

Thankfully here at BroBible we don’t have that pressure, because FUCK Halloween and the obnoxious habit of people to try and get you to participate in looking like an asshole. The guy in this video apparently didn’t get the memo that normal functioning human beings do NOT actually dress up on Halloween until it’s time to go to the bars or a party. You do NOT dress up in costume for work, I’m a firm believer in this.

Do not end up like this guy, the only moron in public dressed like an asshole.


Furthermore, why in the hell would you ever dress up as this abomination? What year is this? How old are you? What brought you to this point in your life where you thought it was acceptable for a grown man to dress up as a damned telletubby?



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