NMA TV gives you the lowdown on the ‘SimCity’ debacle

As previously noted, the release of the highly anticipated SimCity reboot has been a complete and total disaster. So time for the Taiwanese CGI news crew to offer their take on the situation.

Like Francis did last week, NMA TV places the blame squarely on the shoulders on EA’s insistence on using DRM…

So the publisher is claiming that the always on connection is due to them needing to crunch data on their end, and not because it’s just part of their Big Brother business practices? Whatever.

There’s actually a few things that aren’t mentioned: first is how EA said that they’d give refunds to those who wanted it, but made the process so difficult that basically no one has been able to, and how they’ve turned off some basic features of the game, to alleviate the strain on their servers.

There was also a rumor going around that if you complained too much, you would be banned from EA’s Origin, but that turned out to be false. Then again, given the horrible rep the company has when it comes to customer service, it’s easy to understand why everyone bought it.

EA now claims that they’ve added a bunch more servers and everything went relatively smooth over the weekend. But now we’re hearing reports that problems are starting up all over again, since the game just launched in other parts of the world.

In the meanwhile, many are trying to convince EA to make an offline version of the game, which is not going to happen in about a million years, I’m sorry. Anyhow, remember how I said PC gaming is such a pain in the ass? I rest my case.