North Korea destroys the United States, with help from ‘Call of Duty’

Along with the muzak version of We Are The World.

This video of North Korea destroying the United States was all the rage a few days ago, but was then yanked by Activision’s lawyers, over its unauthorized usage of Call of Duty footage. But it seems this particular copy has evaded detection, at least for the time being…

For those who want a detailed account, but sure to turn on the closed-caption button. Though even without the translation, it’s pretty clear what’s happening.

It depicts your average North Korean, one whose heart and soul is dedicated to Glorious Leader, dreaming of the day in which he gets to travel around the world in space, via some fancy new space shuttle that they surely are working on at this very moment.

From above our dreamer can see a unified Korea (steps are being taken, but it is going to take a long ass time; ask any South Korean), plus the New York City, which is completely on fire, thanks to the United State’ own mechanisms.

Oh, and oddly enough, it closely resembles scenes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, hence why the game’s makers had the clip pulled in the first place.

But those who wish to check out the translated version will a very detailed and eloquent account. Far more so than if I was asked to describe a dream.

Hell, just last night alone, I dreamed that I was traveling the Australian outback with Zooey Deschanel by my side, and in the back of our vehicle were all those VHS cassettes that contain all the episodes of Night Court (much of which is not available on DVD).

If pushed came to shove I still couldn’t come up with more than 100 words on the matter, and this from a guy who makes his living by charging by the word. But I do remember the soundtrack: it was Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.