I’m Not Certain, But I Think This Moron From Texas Hates Comrade Obama

Your car is not an acceptable place to vent your political leanings (or racism), and if you use it to send any sort of a message, well, you might be a redneck.

Two things: (1) Calling someone a ‘redneck’ who drives a truck like this can only be construed by that person as a compliment. (2) The same type of person who drives a truck with decals like this is the same type of person who will tell you they don’t discuss politics at the dinner table (but in the street, when nobody is asking for your opinion, that’s cool).

I lived in Dallas, Texas for a year (I went to SMU freshman year), and I have to tell you the biggest culture shock for me having come from growing up on an island in Florida (Siesta Key) was the sheer amount of trucks. And not just the number of trucks, but the fact that every license plate for a truck had the word ‘TRUCK’ plastered on that license plate, as if I couldn’t tell with my own eyes that it was a truck.

Why that got so under my skin before I transferred back to the severely twisted state of Florida and left SMU is beyond me, but it did. That was my lasting impression of Texas (and Dallas): Trucks, Trucks everywhere. (side note, any commenters care to explain to me why the license plates are/were classified that way, because it always baffled me?)

And truck are awesome. I’ve got nothing against them, and I’ll probably own one (if not several) throughout my lifetime. But why does anyone feel the need to put any sort of fucking message on the side/back/front of their vehicle? It just makes you an asshole. Shoving any message down anyone’s throat makes you an asshole.

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