Padres strike out four times in one inning, still manage to score run

Sometimes in baseball you have to manufacture runs. Steal, bunt, get on base any way you can. The Padres did just that on Friday night in an inning where they struck out four times.

It all started with Will Venable who advanced to first on a wild pitch.

Then he stole second.

Then the Rays fell asleep on the next pitch and allowed Venable to steal third.

And then here’s the mother of all DERPs. Alex Cobb balks in the run.

You know who’s not happy? Joe Maddon that’s who.

Final tally for the inning: 4 strikeouts, 1 wild pitch, 2 stolen bases and a balk for a run.

The Rays came back to win 6-3. Boss effort from Cobb who managed to strike out 13 Padres in 4 2/3 innings.