‘Paint Your Pizza’ app delivers anything you can dream and draw

Paint Your Pizza is an awesome tool for anyone willing to overpay for a novelty pizza. The question is, does brief visual benefit outweigh increased cost and effort? We’ll let you decide. Who’s willing to paint a pizza?

While it admittedly looks fun, and I could come up with some obscure paintings, I would never actually use this service. Why? $31 for a large pizza – before tax and delivery. That’s outrageous, especially for a pizza so disproportionately topped. My artistic specialty is night landscapes, but those are completely out of the question. Did you see the girl at 1:35? Don’t pretend like a slice with 100 olives on it isn’t disgusting. It is. I’d be willing to be she spit out the first bite, setting off a rube-goldbergian chain of events that culminated in turning on the emergency sprinklers, thus ruining the party.

h/t to Donatello at IncredibleThings