Panasonic Power Loader might finally give us exoskeletons to play with

Nobody wants to get old, but if you follow gadget news at all, you are often forced to admit that, once you arrive at old age, you’re going to have all sorts of awesome s#!t at your disposal that Grandma and Grandpa only wish they could have.

Like this kick-ass exoskeleton, designed to help haul heavy loads and the elderly.

Really, it needs to be seen in action to get the full sense of it:

Yes, they got the name from Aliens. And the concept is pretty much exactly the same. Exoskeletons are designed to work with your body and offer support to your natural strength. This is useful because if you’re hauling, say, 200 pounds of crap over rocky terrain, the exoskeleton makes it feel like you’re hauling ten pounds.

Also, you get to do a lot of Ripley imitations and annoy people.

Currently, this costs tens of thousands of dollars and is intended largely for disaster relief and industrial work, but give it thirty years and these will be all over nursing homes. Now, Panasonic? Install a welding torch.

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