Partying and awesomeness now illegal at Michigan Tech

Guyism’s favorite rockstar alcoholic, Ali Spagnola, was deemed to dangerous for Michigan Tech University. Ali tells the tale of being actively blocked from playing her Power Hour drinking show and being banned from even hanging out in the bars.

Ali Spagnola wants nothing more than to jam and slam with the masses. She spent years of her life and plenty of cash to fight a BS copyright claim on the term Power Hour. She won like the champion she is, but now she has to deal with this. Goddamn puritans.

I have several friends that went to Michigan Tech, and I can confirm that they’re awesome. I can also say that there is nothing to do there, or anywhere in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, other than drink. It’s also a comically spiteful student body, so I’d be willing to bet that they create a Power Hour clubs that meet weekly just to stick it to the school. Take that, Michigan Tech…allegedly.

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