Perfect cocktail for those who don’t care about the Super Bowl

Why should you try this very un-American cocktail for the Super Bowl? Because Jacopo says football would be a hit in Italy. “Italian can be really, really good at take people’s stuff and run away.” I love foreign bartenders.

“Oh look, they’re little tiny footballs.” Goddamn it Jacopo; everyone knows the lime laces should be out. Somewhere Ray Finkle is crying.

If your girlfriend is bitching about having to #keepitplatinum and eat Hooter’s wings all day, shut her up with this fancy-pants cocktail. If the female love affair with cucumber vodka is any indication, they will love a liqueur made with artichoke. Just tell it’s health food! Plus, by halftime she’ll have enough tequila in her that any complaints about the game will have turned into overly zealous fandom of whichever team is cuter.

The Touchdown [DrinkingMadeEasy]