Philips DesignLine is an HDTV you lean against the wall

Well, props for innovation: The Philips DesignLine is literally an HDTV in a sheet of glass. That’s it.


It’s undeniably stylish: When the TV is turned off, the glass gradually fades from black to clear. And it’s certainly unique and easy to install: Find a place to lean, lean it, and plug it in. Sadly, the DesignLine has not yet had wireless power integrated.

That said, I can foresee a few problems with this particular design. For one thing, what happens if you lean it against the wall near an overhead light? How will you deal with the glare? Secondly, do you have to carve a groove in your floor or something, to make sure this stands up? Finally, what happens when somebody trips and drops a bottle of beer on this thing?

All of these questions are, of course, trifling next to the key goal Philips has of winning design awards, and the technology itself is both neat and likely to start turning up elsewhere in the near future, especially since it packs Smart TV functionality into that sheet of glass.

DesignLine [TP Vision]