Piamo: Espresso made in a microwave, by the cup

I have to work hard to restrain my coffee gadget lust. But there are so many of them, and they’re so glorious. Fortunately, I can give into the Piamo and buy one, because it fits every possible criteria: Compact, easy to use, microwaveable, and brilliantly engineered.

The Piamo came about because the inventor wanted espresso, but his job didn’t have a coffee machine and the nearest cafe was a few miles away. Yeah, yeah, first world problems, but instead of making a macro about it, he invented a nukable espresso maker.

Espresso is just a method of making coffee: You fire extremely hot water under extreme pressure through coffee grounds. If that sounds like a bitch to pull off in a microwave, you’d be right. But the Piamo makes it work, and consists of three parts: A coffee filter/container, a water pressure vessel, and a cup.

Nuke it and the water rapidly heats up. Once it gets hot enough, the steam pressure forces the hot water through the coffee filter, which can contain grounds or a coffee pod, into the cup. BAM! Espresso in the work microwave.

The Piamo is currently getting crowdfunding in Germany: The cost works out to $55. But be aware exchange rates might shift.

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