Pop-up lantern puts a light source in your pocket

LEDs have changed technology in many, many ways. One of the less obvious, but still our favorite, is the gift of goofy flashlights, ranging from the somewhat practical to the utterly ridiculous. This pop-up lantern/flashlight shaped like a hockey puck falls into the former category. Well… mostly.

Doppelganger Outdoor

The basic idea is that you have a flat, puck-like flashlight that you can tuck into your back pocket: It’s small, light, and while it only throws up to 100 lumens, it’ll still last a while.

But if you need a wider range of light, just flip the puck over, pop the device open, and you have a lantern, using pretty much the same technology you find in that laundry hamper you had in college that folded up so it was flat.

We’re busting this thing’s chops a little, but the truth is that it’s a fairly well-considered little gadget, although it could stand to be a little brighter. On the other hand, for $23, it’s not exactly an expensive addition to your car trunk or toolbox, so campers especially should think about picking one up.

Pop-Up 2-Way LED Lantern [Damn Geeky]