Power Up 3.0 gives your paper airplanes a motor, steering

Paper airplanes are generally pretty entertaining, even if you are, in theory, a grown adult who should not enjoy hucking wood pulp projectiles around.

Now Power Up Toys has decided to take the whole paper airplane thing one step further, with a motor and steering you can easily install in your fabulous flying machine.

The neat thing is that this turns a gentle sailing device into a powerful flyer:

It’s essentially a small motor with a propeller on a thin rod. Clip the rod into the plane, turn it on, throw the plane, and you’ve got a paper airplane that really moves.

It works because, first of all, paper airplanes are pretty light. Secondly, it doesn’t have a lot of power stored on it; one charge will last approximately thirty seconds or so, making this more like a rocket motor than a sustained engine for flight. Steering is handled by an iPhone app.

Really, who doesn’t want to throw their paper airplane and see it take off, headed for the skies? The best part about the Power Up is that it’s reusable, and cheap: It starts at $16.99.

Power Up [Official Site]