Prisoner sues WWE Diva for $250K for being an ‘evil dominatrix’ — you’ll never guess which one

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Christopher Donnelly, a prisoner in PA, recently filed a lawsuit against WWE and a current Diva.

Donnelly alleged this current Diva is not only an evil dominatrix that abused him mentally, physically and emotionally from 2005 until 2009 but beat him on several occasions.

His other accusations, and the actual lawsuit, were hand-written and hilariously absurd so we’ve got to discuss them here.

Donnelly alleged this Diva “aborted his child, beat him numerous times at hotels across the country, used obscenities such as ‘this is my dungeon, you little b—h!’ and other ‘naughty acts’ and claimed that she also forced him to prostitute himself. Donnelly sued for $250,000 in damages for mental and psychological trauma. Incidentally, he spelled psychological wrong in the filing.

Donnelly even threatened that if he didn’t receive the $250,000 through the lawsuit, he threatened to take the complaint to higher courts and the media. The Florida judge immediately dismissed the lawsuit for several reasons, one of which being, the language was “completely delusional.”

So which WWE Diva allegedly did all of these things to Donnelly? The lovely but dangerous Natalya. Which would make TOTALLY SENSE!

First, she’s the daughter of Jim Neidhart who’s bat shit crazy these days. Second, of all the Divas, she’s the most physically intimidating. She could kill a dude. Seriously, Next, she was trained in the Hart family dungeon. “THIS IS MY DUNGEON! YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Huh? Huh? Connecting the dots? And last, but not least, the first time I saw her I thought “I bet she’s a pimp.” Case closed.

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