Pro wrestler X-Pac allegedly hospitalized with torn anus due to Bronco Buster move

If you’re like most men in our demographic, you probably watched a little bit of WWE in the 90s. Remember Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and his crotch-to-face finishing move, the Bronco Buster? Apparently it can lead to a torn anus.

A number of pro wrestling “news” sites, including, claim that Waltman received the injury performing his signature move at a wrestling show in Minnesota on Saturday night.

No one in Waltman’s camp has provided official confirmation on the nature of the injury but his girlfriend, Alicia Webb, tweeted the following on Sunday night:

According to, the unconfirmed injury required surgery early Sunday morning. The site reports that he was able to leave the show and attend an after-party for the event before having to go to the hospital when the injury would not stop bleeding.

This is exactly why WWE has videos telling kids “Do Not Try This At Home.”

Let’s remember the Bronco Buster as it deserves: With a low-quality video of former WWE Diva and Playboy cover girl Maria Kanellis performing it on a variety of other women.