Proof that every Pharrell Williams song starts exactly the same

I guess when you’re as successful as Pharrell Williams when it comes to writing songs you stick to what works. And what works in Pharrell’s case apparently is starting every song exactly the same. Listen to the 13 songs below, compiled by Discopop, and tell me it isn’t true.

Song list:
1. SWV – “Right Here (Human Nature Remix)”
2. Pharrell – “Frontin’”
3. Kelis – “Milkshake”
4. Snoop Dogg – “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
5. Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines”
6. Shakira – “Why Wait”
7. Frank Ocean – “Sweet Life”
8. Pharrell – “Brand New”
9. Paloma Faith – “Can’t Rely On You”
10. Pharrell – “Happy”
11. Pharrell – “Hunter”
12. Jay-Z – “I Know”
13. Pharrell – “Gust of Wind”

H/T Stereogum

Pharrell Williams image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock