Random fan buys Eric Stonestreet $56 per pour boubon

Eric Stonestreet hit the big time with Modern Family, and he likes to celebrate each season by going to Vegas. He told Jay Leno about his last trip when a fan unknowingly offered to pick up a round of $56 per pour bourbon. What a terrible time to pick to buy a round of drinks. Even worse, what a terrible time to let pride stop you from understandably backing down from the offer.

$56 per pour isn’t abnormal for Scotch, but it’s a rarity for bourbon. With the Vegas markup we’re looking for a bottle that’s between $100 and $150, but there are very few options that are even over $90. My best guess is that Eric Stonestreet was drinking Black Maple Hill 16-Year-Old Small Batch. It’s an obscure pick by me, but I’m struggling to put many whiskeys in the $56 per dram range.

I tweeted Eric Stonestreet to get the real story. I wait to hear my answer.