Ranking the 20 most regrettable tweets by professional athletes

Just like us Twitter plebeians who sometimes tweet really dumb things, pro athletes also occasionally tweet without thinking.

Unfortunately for them, there are significantly more people following the average pro athlete on Twitter than lil ‘ol me (you can follow me here btw).

We see it time and again where athletes fudge up on Twitter and it seems like the sky is falling, but we must now ask ourselves: which times was the sky actually falling? Our friends at BleacherReport put together this collection of ‘20 Tweets Sports Figures Immediately Regretted‘ and you can read it in full by clicking any of the images in this post or the link at the end. Enjoy!

#1: Darnell Dockett & Katherine Webb

According to USA Today, Dockett tweeted to Webb, “hit me (240) xxx-xxxx when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond.”

Carmelo Anthony & Kat Sacks

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