Rob Ford smoked crack again and Justin Bieber made fun of him

Rob Ford was secretly recorded smoking crack by a drug dealer. Yes, this is deja vu all over again. The video was allegedly taken this past weekend in his sister’s basement. Two reporters from the Globe and Mail have seen the video.

…shows Mr. Ford taking a drag from a long copper-coloured pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke and then frantically shaking his right hand. The footage is part of a package of three videos that the drug dealer says he surreptitiously shot around 1:15 a.m., and which he says he is now selling for “at least six figures.”

As of this morning, nobody has taken the plunge and bought the video—but images are floating around.

So how does Justin Bieber weasel his way into this story? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Last night when news broke about the Ford tape, the Toronto Star sent out this ominous tweet.


They followed it up later with this tale.

On March 15, an hour before he disappeared into a washroom at Muzik, Ford ran into pop star Justin Bieber in a common area of the exclusive nightclub near Toronto’s waterfront, according to witnesses. Ford tried to shake Bieber’s hand and became enraged when Bieber jokingly asked him, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Security ushered Ford back to his party booth, where he was entertained, along with the four men, by three paid party hostesses. The Star has been unable to reach Bieber for comment.

Unsurprisingly, Rob Ford has taken leave. Dude is a complete mess. Dude smoked cracked twice on tape and is somehow still getting paid by wonderful citizens of Toronto. Meanwhile, good people like former Guyism gal Katie Nolan are out of a job.