Roku 3: The best streaming video player yet

The Roku was one of the first set-top boxes for streaming video from the Internet to your TV, and in many ways, it’s yet to be beat. The Roku 3, out today, is just going to widen the gap for other companies.


The third version of the Roku is nothing particularly special in terms of tech. It’s mostly a processor update and a software upgrade. The biggest new feature is a headphone jack in the remote that lets you listen to audio remotely.

What makes it stand out is how smooth it is. The original Roku was clunky and the second one was not a great improvement. The Roku 3, though, is a great overhaul that uses both a new, much more fluid on-screen navigation and the new processor to make things move faster and more fluidly.

If you care about games, this has it, although if I’m being honest, I think most people could care less. Realistically you buy this to stream movies, and this takes what was already good at that job and makes it great. This is an upgrade current Roku owners need and everybody else should pick up to experience for themselves.

Roku [Official Site]