Runbo X3: A tough phone with better features

Some of us are just hard on our phones. It’s not deliberate, just a matter of how we live life. The Runbo X3 is designed to take lots of abuse… and it has some good features, into the bargain.


It must be said the Runbo isn’t the greatest smartphone: It’s a low to midrange one in internal specifications and the software it runs.

On the other hand, it’s pretty well thought out as a phone for people in the wilderness, or just prone to dropping things. It’s rated as completely dustproof and able to take a temporary dunk in water up to a meter deep, in addition to a rugged casing.

It also has a walkie-talkie antenna that allows it to ping another Runbo up to six miles away, and it also has a full QWERTY keyboard so you can text while wearing gloves. It even supports dual-SIM technology, so you can take it with you overseas and still use it. Oh, and there’s a laser pointer built into it, for some reason.

It’ll run you $350, but it’s not locked to any contract, so that’s all you’ll pay.

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