Sauna Box: A sauna built into a shipping container

Fun fact about shipping containers: They’re literally gigantic trash. Once the container has been shipped across the ocean, it’s literally not worth the money to ship it back to its destination. So they’re just built and just sit there.


Unless, apparently, you really like saunas. Then you build a sauna out of one, to make it shippable.

The Sauna Box is just that. The inside is as traditional as it gets: It’s made out of cedar and has a wood-burning stove to create the heat and steam you need to relax. It also has an iPod stereo, a truck light and, for no particularly explicable reason, a guitar hookup, something we’re assuming the design team just kinda threw in there for the hell of it.

The juice comes courtesy of a solar panel built into the top of the sauna, which combined with the stove makes it pretty much completely self-sufficient. Well, self-sufficient if you have an axe, anyway.

How much will having a sauna you can take with you run? Start saving: $41,000. But hey, set it up on the roof and you’ve got a nice place to bring dates!

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