Scratch 2 Go offers DJ toys for your iPad

Serious DJs tend, as a rule, not to use iPads. It’s a bit contrary to their stated mission of playing back the hits on vinyl, not via MP3, and there are other abstract arguments that aren’t worth getting into here.

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But if you just want to pretend DJ, or you have a wedding that you don’t want to bring all your gear to, you can deploy the suction cups with Scratch 2 Go.

To be fair, Scratch 2 Go is designed to turn the various DJ apps for iPad into something a bit easier and more professional to use than just poking at a touchscreen.

The kit sticks to the screen with suction cups and includes a cross fader, two turntables, and some pots to play with.

Granted, these aren’t professional tools, but anybody who has used music-mixing apps or DJ apps will appreciate getting something that makes them a bit easier to use. Knobs in particular are a terrible idea on touchscreen and yet far too many apps are enamored of them. The Scratch 2 Go will be available later this year for $40.

Turn Your iPad Into A DJ Table With Suction Cups [Gizmodo]