‘Senran Kagura’ is why Vita’s doing well in Japan

Though it’s not exaclty furthering women’s lib over there. Remember Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, that game featuring anime chicks in which the way of the ninja includes a strict no bra policy? I know I just named like 20 different titles. Anyway, here’s a refresher.

The following is a highlight reel that shows off the various modes that are contained, and all of them involves your character getting naked, due to costume changes, plus your new attire getting tattered up in the midst of battle, to thusly become mostly naked.

There’s also parts in which going down to just bra and panties makes you super powerful; I believe you actually tear your clothes off yourself, via the touchscreen. As if it needs to be said, but it’s also NSFW…

There’s one mode in which panties are falling from the sky and you have to compete against the other girls by grabbing as many as you can, but I have yet to find footage of this in action.

Anyhow, the Vita has been out in Japan for over a year, and sales have been pretty dismal across the board. But would you know, the game you see above has been the shot in the arm that the platform desperately needs. Long lines formed for the game in Tokyo’s geekiest district in the morning, of people waiting for game shops to open.

I love how Kotaku pointed out the elderly person in the mix, who is indeed a dirty old man! Or perhaps just there to get new batteries for his hearing aid, who really knows…