Serena Williams may have been impregnated by her coach, says terrible German rag

Many in the tennis world are questioning if Serena Williams is ill. Some have wondered out loud if she faked a virus. Others have come up with cockamamie stories with little to no proof. German tabloid Bild went with this sensationalist headline today.

Uh, what?

Serena Williams was obviously disoriented during her doubles match the other day. That much is fact. She was unable to do even the most basic of tennis functions like picking up a ball.

But I’m not sure how we got from dizzy to pregnant. Bild is a German tabloid, similar to the Enquirer so take it with a grain of salt. It should be noted however that rumors have been flying about Serena’scoach, Patrick Mouratoglou, for quite some time. Are they dating? Did they break up? And so on and so forth. Neither Serena nor Mouratoglou have addressed the issue/non-issue publicly.

Perhaps that’s why Bild went with this headline. Or perhaps, more likely, they’re just full of shit.