How to put a shark fin in your beer can

Colin Joliat

Miller Lite spent millions of dollars on a new punch top can, when all the while there was an easy way. It’s called the shark fin, and drinking from a can will never be the same.

The shark fin is the easiest way to create a good solid flow from a beer can. Whether you’re drinking Bud Light or Anti-Hero IPA, a smooth pour is always preferred. Making a hole in the side of the can (not in shotgun formation) is the easiest way to make that happen. Gizmodo gave a long and detailed description of why/how it works, but there’s no reason for that. It works because air acts exactly like you think it would.

How to make a shark fin beer:

1. Tear the tab off.
2. Snap the loop off.
3. Stick the sharp corner of the tab into the can just below the lip.
4. ???
5. Profit

As expected, the comments on the Gizmodo article was flooded with dumb shit like, “good beer doesn’t come in cans.” You’re an idiot if you believe that. The Alchemist, Half Acre, Revolution, Tallgrass, Cigar City, 21st Amendment, Oskar Blues and dozens of others are putting great beers in cans. Normally I’d still pour it in a glass, but that’s not always an option, which is when the shark fin is a huge edge. Plus, it’s shark week.

Colin Joliat