Shark Week debunked: These are the dangerous lies Shark Week is feeding you

Shark Week used to be interesting, and it used to be educational. These days it’s only one of the aforementioned attributes, and you better be damned sure it’s not the latter.

Shark Week has become something of a joke in recent years, it’s become somehow popular to share with the world how much YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE SHARK WEEK, yet throughout this surge in popularity, the substance of Shark Week has plummeted.

Gone are the day where we used to learn about migratory patterns, conservation, methods of coexisting with sharks, and learning why sharks display the behaviors they do. Instead, we’re now being fed completely made-up stories by actors pretending to be scientists, garbage reenactments, and downright dangerous misinformation about sharks.

I grew up on the west coast of Florida and spent a great deal of time in close proximity with many species of sharks, and learned firsthand that 99.9% of the time we’re just coexisting. But that’s not what Discovery wants you to believe with their Shark Week propaganda. Thankfully, the folks over at VOX put together this video laying out all the dangerous myths and b.s. that Discovery his feeding you throughout Shark Week.

Now typically not the kind of person to EVER ask you to share anything, but if you have any compassion for the species of the earth, consider sharing this. Nearly 1/4th of all species of shark are in danger, and it’s lies & propaganda such as this that puts them ever more at risk.

Generations of kids watch that crap and grow up thinking sharks are the enemy, and must be put down…and before you know it we’re seeing an entire shift in the predatory structure of the ocean, which would have catastrophic effects reaching to nearly every aspects of our lives (whether you choose to believe that or not, it’s true).


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