Shut up about catching souvenir balls and doing ‘the right thing’. You look like an idiot

So this guy caught Albert Pujols’ 500th home run last night in Washington. Pretty big deal right? That dude turned around and handed it over to Albert no questions asked. Some are calling him a hero, others an idiot. Where do you stand?


My biggest problem here isn’t with Mr. Sherill—I’m sure he’s a fine, upstanding gentleman. No, my biggest problem are the people who thumb their noses in the air, say he did the right thing. Really? Why is it the right thing? Why does Mr. Sherill owe his allegiance to Albert Pujols? What did Albert do for him?

This dude’s making millions of dollars from fans who watch him everyday, fans who spend their hard earned money on tickets and concessions. And this dude gets a once in a lifetime opportunity and he’s supposed to hand the ball over because “it’s the right thing?”

What does that even mean anyway, “the right thing? This isn’t like helping an old lady across the street, or donating blood, or saving a child from getting hit by a car. This is a freakin souvenir ball.

And listen, I’m not saying you hold it for millions. I’m not even saying you deserve anything. But this whole, “it’s the right thing BS”, nah stop that. This isn’t a black and a white thing. If a person wants to be rewarded for catching a souvenir ball, they’re not a bad person because of it.

Stop white knighting the souvenir ball issue, you look like an asshole.