‘Simpsons’ fan sets Guinness record for most tattoos of same character

via Guinness World Records


This guy is either a huge fan of The Simpsons or has early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lee Weir, a 27-year-old from New Zealand, set a new record for most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on his body. Weir’s entire arm is dedicated to the patriarch of the Simpson clan — Homer Jay Simpson.

Lee has a total of 41 tattoos dedicated to Homer including Homer as a jack-in-the box, the Grim Reaper, in an elephant suit, as the Hulk, and Homer as one of his beloved doughnuts. Lee dedicated his body, and paychecks, to the cartoon icon after giving up drinking last year.

via Guinness World Records


[via Guinness World Records]

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