Singer jumps off stage mid-performance to fight security guard who pushed fan

‘The Story So Far’ was performing at Warped Tour Montreal and fans were doing what the fans do at Warped Tour: crowd surf. But things got serious when a security guard got too violent.


According to the YouTube description, the fan had been crowd surfing and when he got down from the crowd (something the fan had no control over whatsoever) the security guard violently pushed. As you can see in the video, the lead singer and the guitarist immediately came to the aid of the fan who was being attacked over something completely out of her/his control.

Yes, the fan could have chosen not to crowd surf in the first place, but f*ck that. It’s Warped Tour, that’s what happens. What didn’t happen though is a proper security briefing of this little twats in security tees. Not cool at all on behalf of the venue, but it’s awesome to see the band immediately come to the aid of the fan, as they were all one just fans themselves.


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SOURCE: Reddit