‘SNL’ hilariously portrays Manti Te’o as dumb jock


SNL’s cold opening this week featured a hilarious mock interview between Piers Morgan and Manti Te’o. When asked about Lennay Kekua, Te’o, portrayed by Bobby Moynihan, played the dumb jock card.

The Manti Te’o Hoax FAQ – Answering all of your important questions

Piers Morgan: Mr Te’o, your story is one of the most perplexing in all of sports. You claim to have a girlfriend named Lennay and that she died of leukemia but it turns out she never existed. How do you explain that?
Manti Te’o: Well Piers the sad fact is I was the victim of a cruel and senseless hoax.
Piers Morgan: That must be devastating to deal with.
Manti Te’o: It is but it’s even more devastating for my girlfriend Lennay.
Piers Morgan: Wait, no, see, Lennay was the hoax. She’s not a real person.
Manti Te’o: Oh, right, now I get it. Oh man, Lennay’s going to be pissed.

Piers Morgan: Te’o, talk us through the moment when you found out your girlfriend was dead.
Manti Te’o: Well, a couple of months ago, she called me up on the phone and she was like, “hey, I have bad news, I’m dead.” And I said, “oh no, do you need a ride to the funeral?”

You can watch it here (fast forward to the 2:10 mark).