Sound Uncovered teaches you about how sound can mess with you

Here’s a question: How much do you think about a car door closing? Not much, you say? Wanna bet?


That’s the great thing about Sound Uncovered, a new iPad app. It both teaches you about sound and helps you understand how you perceive it… so you can understand how companies use it.

This isn’t some anti-marketing app, though. Instead it’s an educational app with immaculate design and written for adults, built by the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Similar to their Color Uncovered iPad app, the Exploratorium’s sound app is written clearly and without condescension, and is designed to explain both the physics of sound and how we react to it psychologically. Take the closing car doors; marketing departments spend millions tweaking the sound of a door closing so that each car door appeals to its target market. And you probably never noticed.

True, it’s more like a brief interactive book than anything else, but in terms of what it’ll show you, and how it’ll make you think about sound, it’s well worth the price of free.

Sound Uncovered [iTunes]