Stand-up Shots: Comedians at a glimpse (Vol. 2)

"I got mugged once, but I'm poor, so we were both disappointed.  He was like 'You have 83 cents and a Sony walkmen? What do you do?'  I was like, 'I'm a comedian.'  He's like, 'Oh. I used to be a comedian. You should try mugging.'  I was like, "Thanks for the tip, Carlos Mencia."  No, I'm kidding. Carlos Mencia would never steal from another comedian."

Rob O’Reilly

About 15 months ago I put together this collection of ‘Stand-Up Shots,’ a collection of photos posted by aspiring stand-up comedians in which they superimpose a joke of theirs on top of a photo. At the time I first posted, these photos came from a then burgeoning sub-reddit that I assumed was poised to be ‘the next big thing.’ Well, 15 months later I may have been wrong about it being the next big thing, but with 117,000+ subscribers, it’s certainly no slouch.

So, what have these up-and-coming comedians been up to over the past year? Let’s find out, shall we?

For reference, each photo here is coming from the sub-reddit Stand-Up Shots, and below each photo you can find links to the original post on Reddit as well as social media (Twitter/YouTube/etc) links to the comedian, and if you’re smart you’ll go follow them so you can be privy to the jokes firsthand. Feature Image above: Rob O’Reilly. Follow him on Twitter HERE and check out his VINE here.

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"If women can do everything men can, how come they've never successfully oppressed an entire gender?"

Toler Oswolfe

This one comes to us via Toler Oswolfe. You can find him on Twitter HERE.

"I saw a study that said 'One out of every ten people are gay.'  I've had sex with ten people.  That really weirds me out, because, statistically, that means at least one of those dudes was probably gay."

Nat Baimel

This stand-up shot comes via Nat Baimel, who you can (and should) follow on Twitter HERE. And you can check him out on YouTube HERE.

"Now that I'm writing a bookm I finally realize why people write books in coffee shops.  It's not that we're pretentious or trying to impress anyone, it's just that you can't quit and start masturbating in a coffee shop."
This stand-up shots comes by way of the comedian Paul Barach, who you can go follow on Twitter HERE.

"I shop at thrift stores almost exclusively, but not because people like Mackelmore said it was cool.  I'm an actual poor person.  Why else would I dress like a crayon the color of graffiti?"
Our next stand-up shots comes by way of Chicago based comedienne Rebecca O’Neal, whom you can follow on Twitter HERE.



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